From Identity Crisis To Identity In Christ

a woman in a yellow dress standing in front of a window
a woman in a yellow dress standing in front of a window

I first encountered Christ at a young age and from that encounter how that relationship has mold me to become the woman I was created to be. I have had a lot of struggles trying to walk as a Christian in the Faith, struggling to surrender and submit my will completely over to now walking in God's will for every area of my life. It wasn't easy leaving the things of this world behind and living the way God has instructed us to live for Him. Deliverance from the old life to becoming a new creature in Christ can only be obtained through reading God's word, forming a relationship with God by spending time with Him, and of course accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Once we know who our Heavenly Father is and we accept Jesus Christ we now discover our real identity in Christ and not the world's identity of us. I pray this teaching that begin the launch for FIK Mentorship as a result of several families delivered and restored in Jesus. This e-devotional and course is for those who are ready to be grounded in Jesus. God set me free from rejection, dejection, abandonment, mother and father wounds, idolizing my career, and fear of men. I pray this course and devotional will remove the scales off your eyes and see yourself in the love of the Father through Son Jesus by Holy Spirit.

Here's what they are saying about I AM IN JESUS DEVOTIONAL!

"Honestly, the teaching blessed and still blesses me. Thank you so much for obeying God and recording so I could go back and watch!!! It was SO needed!!!!"- Rachel

"Oh my lord, there are no words. I was taken aback and floored!! I thank you so much for your obedience and prophetic declarations over my life! Everything you said was completely accurate. Like everything that's been on my heart you prayed for so I'm so thankful because you have no idea how the devotional has blessed me! Words don't do it Justice at all!."- Sandy

I enjoyed all days of the teaching. It was filled with a wealth of knowledge for the church. I felt as I was listening to when Apostle Paul was teaching for hours the man fell broke his neck was healed then listened again. The teaching was so good!”- Lashawnda

"These four days have been enlightening, provoking, and I've been tremendously blessed. I'm looking for the more that's to come."- Krystal

"I loved Day 3. There was a lot of great information and questions I had to ask myself about the effects of my absent father and the ways I view God! Also this devotional is fiya Xen. I may use it as a tool in my coaching!"- Kishea

"I would like to thank you, for the excellent teaching through your precious OBEDIENCE. My life has been TRANSFORMED. I know who I am, and whose I am. I'm so thankful. GLORY BE TO GOD. Please keep me informed of any future events. I will be there with a crowd. Praise The lord.." - Vonda

"Thank you for planting the seed and allowing the Holy Spirit to water because once we finish the devotional Holy Spirit prompted me to read Ephesians and I understand it I am in Jesus my identity is not my circumstances, career , or anything that is only temporary only in Jesus and i am a daughter of God so thanks to your obedience ❤ "-R.B.