Hi, I'm
Xenophobe Ella Fedison

The Lord's Prophetic Equipper

a woman in a pink blazer and a white shirt prophetic
a woman in a pink blazer and a white shirt prophetic

I Live And Walk By Faith!

Xenophobe Ella Fedison is the steward over Faith Is The Key Ministries LLC. She also goes by the name of Xen. Xen is a daughter, attorney, teacher, intercessor, prophet, author, mentor, advisor, deliverer, and equipper. She has been walking with the Lord since she encountered him at the age of 8 on December 8, 1998, after a burn incident that led her to cry out in a bathtub filled with cold water saying, “Jesus Don’t Let Me Die!” The Lord Jesus manifested himself in that vision encounter with an audible voice, “Xen I will never leave you nor forsake you regardless of if your mother and father would reject/forsake you I will always be with you. She has been walking with the Lord since that encounter, however, it wasn't until December 29, 2019 that she fully surrendered and submitted to the perfect will of the Lord. The Lord began to reveal her full calling and was excited to discover how she operated in the natural mirrored operation in the spiritual realm, specifically as a criminal defense and family law attorney. She serves God and his people his way. The Father has always giving her His heart to see people beyond their current situation or flaws and for who He has called them to be regardless of what they have done because through Jesus we have been made new. Now she carry this same love, grace, and mercy when ministering to strangers, unbelievers, and those within the body to bring them to encounter the love of Jesus, the guidance of the true spirit, Holy Spirit, and walk as daughters and sons to the Father (Abba). The Lord shared her life would exemplify an epistle, her life is going be the word that brings impact and the message that would witness and testify of who He is to His People In The Earth.

God Doesn't Waste Your Pain, He Heals It And Make You Whole In Him

“But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold." Job 23:10

My Journey

At the age of 10, the Lord shared his heart that I would be HIS advocate who would fight for injustices, represent those whom society deemed unworthy of redemption based on their past actions or mistakes, introduce them to God who would extend his grace and mercy to know they weren't their decisions. When I encountered the Lord Jesus at age 8, it seemed that he not only imparted His supernatural Faith into my life but also a life of prayer and his word. I did not read the written word of God until I was 19 years old and the first book was Job which spoke to the many hardships I was overcoming and would continue to overcome; however, just as Job had redemption and restoration after suffering loss it would also be my portion. I always prayed the word of God over my life never thinking I knew the word of God until I began reading the word and the Holy Spirit highlighted I was praying those types of prayers over my life and others through that impartation I received from meeting the Lord Jesus for the first time.

Due to a lack of knowledge in my upbringing and little exposure to advanced education, I developed an immediate dependency on God. I admitted my deficiencies and financial hardships, and with the Lord, I would overcome each time because he met me in my weakness. I would later learn that prayer would be boasting of my weakness and boasting of The Lord's strength as Apostle Paul wrote. 2 Corinthians 10. This dependency and faith allowed me to have supernatural knowledge, wisdom, and favor in every area of my life. from relationships, jobs, strangers, and more. I always had a strong work ethic and learned fast so I would be able to find security in God and myself. Of course, there should be no security in self, but in the Lord, because I realized I can do nothing apart from him and all glory and honor belongs to him alone. I went from cleaning homes, doing home construction work, customer service, assisting my father in mechanical work under cars, fast food industries, administrative assistance in the E.R. state hospital, Social Service Analyst for the Department of Children Family Services, Judicial Clerkships, and Licensed Attorney in Louisiana focusing on the areas of Criminal Defense, Family Law, and later adding Immigration. I learned early on that I love serving others, and being able to solve complex issues people were facing. I didn't have access to what others around me had but I had one thing that was the most important person in my life to overcome every situation of adversity I faced in my life and that was the Lord. I have lived a life to serve God's people in all capacities. It didn't matter where he placed me, I just desired to demonstrate the love of God and through this God gave me favor with Him and men. What took many years to achieve in years the Lord would accelerate in my life in months over a year.

At the time I could not explain how I would arrive at things in the natural and spiritual, the skills obtained, would be later revealed I had been imparted with supernatural knowledge, wisdom, and the Fear of the Lord so I just instantly became an imitator of what I heard and saw Heaven would do and I would replicate it by Faith which produced the achievements I spoke of earlier. I didn't only tap into the faith for myself but for others. Every time they would ask me to pray and meet them in their lack of faith in God and his abilities he placed in them, they would be ignited and instantly see the Lord answer their prayers. All would say to me one thing for certain Xen you don't play about God and you don't back down on what He says concerning your life or others and we have seen each time God answer your prayers. Whether instantly or over time you are a woman that held on to your faith and your love for God that poured out to us the people. When the Lord asked me to walk away from a life I knew, called me out of my familiarity like Abraham to enter a foreign land that would lead me to the promises fulfilled was challenging but I yielded. My obedience has birthed a trust in God and God being able to trust me with his people and his plans for their lives and my own. Obedience is better than sacrifice. It is through my life being transformed supernaturally by the Love of the Father, through his son Jesus, by his Holy Spirit is now the reason I can help develop and build his people to transform their perception of how they see God and present how God sees himself in them.