Intercession and Prayer

Prayer and Faith is the foundation of living a supernatural life yielded unto the Lord. Prayer is what shape the world and how things that are supernatural become visible to the natural. Faith is the substance of all things hoped for evidence of things unseen. We cannot bring the unseen things of the supernatural into the natural without prayers produced by Faith in The Lord Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit. A prayerless life is an ineffective life for a believer. The Father's Will From Heaven Is Birth Through Prayer. Jesus highest ascension was him becoming our High Priest/Chief Intercessor that offers us up daily to the Father on our behalf. Get ready to PRAY LIKE JESUS AND BRING HEAVEN TO THE EARTH! Get Equipped to be prayer warriors and Intercessors that win lost souls out of the kingdom of darkness and place them in the KINGDOM OF GOD to fulfill their and your God given mandate on the Earth as it is in Heaven in the Earth according to our books in Heaven.