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IntentionEL is commissioning and building battle-ready believers. A nameless and faceless army of generals. Born for such a time as this, to push back the gates of Hell, expose the strategies of the devil, build up the Ecclesia, and glorify Jesus Christ, the supreme Lord and King of the heavens and Earth.

Kingdom Economy is God-led and appointed enterprise called to raise up Kingdom Creators, Builders, and Financiers! Mandate and mission to build over $100 million in kingdom assets and equip over 10K families/business over the next 5 years. Equipping families, business, and leaders (young and seasoned) to take dominion over their financial future.

Faith Is The Key Ministries believes in building the Kingdom of God/Heaven, which is only possible through godly partnerships; that will allow believers to walk in dominion in every area of their lives. We believe in Kingdom Collaborations that will not fuel competition within the body of Jesus Christ but ministries/businesses that are to complement one another. It is about the Kingdom of Heaven and not man. We believe in bringing glory only to our Lord Jesus and the Father through His Holy Spirit.

Prophet Xen's Recommended Book List

The Bible is the authoritative guide in our lives and through the Bible, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, many books were birth through revelation and the secret place with God to help you grow as a leader and in the prophetic. Here are some of the books that have had major impact in my walk with God. I thank God for opening my eyes and being able to share with you all how God has blessed me. When you are an equipper you must be an avid reader of the word of God and of books to help you impart into others effectively. I pray this list bless you as much as it has blessed me as one who is an author and a prophetic equipper. -Prophet Xen

* Intercessor/Watchman

Prophetic Intercessor – James Goll

Lifestyle of A Watchman- James Goll

Praying With God’s Heart – James Goll


Prayers That Route Demons – John Eckhart

Unshakeable - John Eckhart

The Secrets To Deliverance- Alexander Pagani

Needless Casualties of War- John Paul Jackson

Overcoming Familiar Spirits- Kynan Bridges

Repentance: Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline- Natasha Grbich

Hell’s Toxic Trio- Ryan Lestrange

Pulling Down Strongholds- Derek Prince

God’s Remedy For Rejection- Derek Prince

Prophets and Deliverance- Judith John

Deliverance From Darkness -James Goll

Bound To Lose Destine To Win- Earthquake Kelly

Armed and Dangerous- John Rameriz


The Fire of His Holiness- Sergio Scataglini

The Twelve Transgressions- Sergio Scataglini

Practicing In His Presence- James Goll


The Seer- James Goll

Dream Language- James Goll

The Seer Advantage- Tamara Hicks

The Seer's Path: An Invitation to Experience Heaven, Angels, and the Invisible Realm of the Spirit - Ana Werner

The Secrets of a Seer -Jamie Galloway

Realms of The Prophetic- Niam Collins

The Prophet’s Dictionary- Dr. Paula A. Price

The Prophets Handbook- Dr. Paula A. Price

Dreams and Vision- James Hammon

The Rise of The Micaiah Prophet- Joshua Giles

Meeting The Prophet In My Reflection – Ken Cox

The Soul of an Issachar Seer- Ken Cox

The Unseen War of The Issachar Seer’s Soul- Ken Cox

The Prophet In the Wilderness – Ken Cox

The Issachar Anointing – Phillip Rich

The Issachar Anointing – Kwabena Duty

Prophetic Secrets: Learning the Language of Heaven- Jennifer Eivaz

Learning God's Voice

Hearing God’s Voice Today- James Goll

The Master's Voice- Ira Milligan

*Discernment/Spiritual Gifts

The Discerner- James Goll

Discernment- Jane Hammon

Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today- James Goll

Seeing in the Supernatural- Jennifer Eivaz


Supernatural Husbands -Viven Rose and Rose Sunday

Help For The Helpmeet – Yvette Benton

*Angels/Angelic Encounter/Encountering God

God Encounters- James Goll

How to Partner with Angels To Usher In The Glory- Tony Kemp

Face to Face With God Volume I and Volume II -Tony Kemp

Manifesting the Glory - Tony Kemp

Ask For The Angels -Ira Miiligan

The Twelve Universal Laws That Govern The Universe


Prayer Altars A Strategy That Is Changing Nations - John Mulinde and Mark Daniel