Placing Your Isaac On The Altar

Leaving Behind A Life Of Security For Jesus Christ! Surrendering It All Is Not Easy!

Xenophobe Ella Fedison

1/4/20246 min read

Genesis 12:1-2

Now the Lord said[a] to Abram, “Go from your country[b] and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you. 2 And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great so that you will be a blessing.

When the Lord asked me to walk away from a life I knew, called me out of my familiarity like Abraham to enter a foreign land that would lead me to the promises fulfilled was challenging. However,I yielded. I left behind family, friends, career, comfortability, and a life controlled by me and God that was exchanged to allow my control to be surrendered and placed in the hands of the Lord. My obedience has birthed a trust in God and God being able to trust me with his people and his plans for their lives and my own. Obedience is better than sacrifice. It is through my life being transformed supernaturally by the Love of the Father, through his son Jesus, by his Holy Spirit is now the reason I can help develop and build his people to transform their perception of how they see God and present how God sees himself in them.

When I fully surrendered to the will of God in December 2019 I truly didn’t know what was to come but I knew it beat a life filled with depression, anxiety, fear, worry, not feeling valuable, a broken relationship, and an identity crisis. I always betted on God is what I stated to others although I was living in sin and was bold to preach his word. God then was calling me not to only preach his word but live his word. God had finally arrested me, and I came to the end of myself because I realized that I kept getting in God’s way regarding the woman he called and desired me to become.

Consecration That Produced Deeper Deliverance and Inner Healing

I didn’t know that the Lord would take me on a long journey of a fasted and consecrated life when I finally said yes to his perfect will. The Lord spoke in January 2020 that I would begin fasting and praying and my fast would not end until I entered the promised land that he had prepared for me. This fast was 130 days of seeking God’s face and the most joyous but yet painful journey I began.

The Lord began to strip me of every idol, every void filler in my career, relationships, finances, worldliness, cultural Christianity, and security in self. He began to take me through deliverance and inner healing while revealing who he had created me to be. I was not only a daughter, and intercessor, but also a prophet of God that would set captives free and heal the wounded soul. He spoke to me regarding many promises he would fulfill in my life from marriage, family, career, and many other areas.

The more I have pursued God the more intense my deliverance and healing process became. I realized that deliverance and inner healing aren’t a one-time event but an ongoing journey because we are connected to this world and will experience many things that can fragment our souls and even be attached in the spirit to our bloodlines. I have cried countless tears because I didn’t realize that I would have to count the cost of the pain I endured as I followed Christ. Those who are in Jesus will indeed experience both his reigning and suffering and let’s be for real many of us as Christians do not want to experience the suffering.

Exchanging Worldly Success As An Attorney

I even thought that the suffering and process I went through to become an attorney as God had mandated would be my reward not realizing that I would have to surrender my career yet again and lay it down until the appointed time to be effective and efficient. I didn’t understand there was so much Jesus wanted to teach me on the spiritual side to be able to make an impact in those spaces and the sphere of influence. It was hurtful to surrender my career because it was God The Father who called me to it at the age of 10.

I only had a one-track mindset on one thing. I had a desire for many other things, but my passion was law. I don’t think it is a coincidence as it resonates with the type of Intercessor and Prophet I am to God who loves the bible and the revelation it holds. I thought that I would return to law in the way that I once used to practice in criminal defense, and family law, and then allow the avenue for immigration law to be a new practice; however, at this time it wasn’t the will of God.

Surrendering For It To Come To Pass At The Appointed Time

It broke me deeply because there is a passion that hasn’t gone away and even received words returning to it. I wonder if those were soulish prophetic words to appease my soul or truth, but later God kept bringing me back to Habakkuk 2:3. It was not only surrendering the idol of the career, but it was also surrendering the idol of my timeline to his timeline and understanding that the things I have lost over the past 4 years doesn’t compare to the glory he is going to get out of my life and the bigger purpose concerning his generation. It was not easy in the beginning, but it has gotten better to release when he says release.

Faith Is The Key Ministry and business have been intertwined from what I learned in the natural. The things I built with my hands claiming they were built with God were not enough for God and it could not stand as a firm foundation in my life. He will not share his glory with anyone.

“I am the Lord; that is My name. And My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images.” Isaiah 42:8

They were good works and training me for what I am doing now; however, he wanted a clean slate to cleanse me of idols, underestimating mentality, pride, insecurities, and fears, and then pushing me to truly walk and live by Faith so my life could be a witness for others to learn to truly depend on God. He didn’t want me or Satan to have any claim to his glory which is why he demolished every work of my hand built in his and mine strength but instead total dependency and guidance by his Holy Spirit. He wanted me to look like his Son Jesus on the Earth.

Nevertheless, Father Let Your Will Be Done

He desired that I prepare the way for his son Jesus by gathering souls through a life of consecration, pursuing holiness, and purity, administering deliverance/inner healing, equipping his people, and standing in the courts of heaven as his intercessor/priest that would allow justice to flow from his mandate “Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done As It Is In Heaven In Earth.”

It would be a lifestyle and not just another story. The skills I learned in the natural to defend his people is now being used to defend his people in a greater impact. I don’t know when he will return me to practicing in the physical courtroom and getting justice for his people, but I desire to be impactful through praying for my clients as I used to do but now with greater wisdom, revelation, knowledge, and authority as a daughter and believer in the Lord Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit.

Surrendering to him over and over again is not easy and if I focus on the present gain instead of a future investment I will miss the glory he desires to display on the Earth through my life and truly being a living epistle he declared I would be that would be read of all men. It is not easy displaying and living out your process publicly but it’s worth it for Heaven to rejoice over those lost sons and daughters that will repent and be converted as citizens in the Kingdom of God. I pray that you begin to count the cost.

Whatever your Isaac may be such as relationship, financial security, career, or any of those things the Lord blessed you with as well as not to become an idol and above him, I admonish you to lay it down. There is so much we have to learn and grow into the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can say enduring and contending for Faith In Him has been challenging but rewarding with every level I ascend to. I invite you to follow Christ as I follow him, and to truly become disciples that will then disciple nations for his glory and usher in his second coming. It is time to place your Isaac on the Altar of The Lord!