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“ I just recently found out I’m a seer and the info in this course ties together so much about my life that I didn’t understand. This course has confronted my fear to see in the spirit and provided a safe space for us as seers. Since taking this course, I’ve experienced so much phenomenon like even seeing an angel for the first time! I’m so grateful to Prophet Xen for her obedience! She is a true woman of God and He is using her mightily for his people! ”

— Kayla Daigle

“ This seer course has truly been a blessing! It's rich in content, and it has significantly broadened my vocabulary concerning my experiences as a seer. I value the structured and punctual approach of Prophet Xen, yet she remains obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Father's will, even if it means starting or finishing later. Above all, the course content is entirely rooted in biblical principles, with scripture to back up every point and Prophet Xen ensures it's easily comprehensible and accessible. ”

— Loveli Fowlkes

“ This seer course was amazing! It is refreshing to be in a space where you can receive understanding and language for your experiences through the Holy Spirit. Be affirmed by Abba Father in your prophetic office. Also being led into the realm of the spirit through Jesus Christ. I walked into this course struggling with remembering some of my dreams and I am completing it with not only remembering them, but awakening to immediate interpretation of some. And if that wasn’t enough, the Lord also allowed for my spiritual sense of smell to be activated and awakened. Thank you so much Prophet Xen for your obedience! ”

— Krystal Ware

Here's what our students say about the devotional and seer course

“ Class 1 of the Seers has really made me hungry and more certain about what God shows me and how he shows me. Prophet Xen’s example of God showing her a movie scene to bring prophesy to someone registered so deeply with me. God uses me strongly through metaphoric language and imagery. He will download a scene to me and from the scene he will provide language or interpretation. It’s literally as if I’m in a movie reel with God and he is taking me scene by scene. The second thing I learned was how prophets and evangelist can be confused because of the anointing and discernment given as they minister to lost souls. I’ve never seen or heard of people likening them to another. I’m eager to learn more about how they are distinguishable, but also necessary gifts to Christ church. The last thing that really marked me was consistency in God’s word and in his presence manifest his glory more in our lives. I desire to see His glory in a greater delight. But, I recognize it’s all predicated on my decisions and consistency with Him. Wow…. Wow… Wow… Week 3 Class encouraged me! #1 - I’m not crazy! God is revealing things to me through different ways and senses. #2 - I’ve always had this “hidden” hunger/desire to learn of multiple gifts of the spirit. I’ve never really felt constrained. I’ve always read the Word of God in the sense that God wants to give it all to his people—those that are humble and hungry and asking. I say hidden because, I used to feel that if I told people in church communities that I’m hungry for more gifts, more than that have been highlighted by humans, then that would equate to me being prideful or vainglorious… #3 - this course has increased my confidence to receive/accept what I’m seeing and it’s allowing me to have conversations with the Godhead to ask questions and seek clarity on what I am seeing. And then respond. Amen! ”

— Rachel Goff

“ "I loved Day 3 of I AM IN Jesus Devotional. There was a lot of great information and questions I had to ask myself about the effects of my absent father and the ways I view God! Also this devotional is fiya Xen. I may use it as a tool in my coaching!"- ”

— Kishea

“ "These four days in the I AM In Jesus Devotional have been enlightening, provoking, and I've been tremendously blessed. I'm looking for the more that's to come." ” I AM IN JESUS 5 Day Devotional

— Krystal

“ "Thank you for planting the seed and allowing the Holy Spirit to water because once we finish the devotional Holy Spirit prompted me to read Ephesians and I understand it I am in Jesus my identity is not my circumstances, career , or anything that is only temporary only in Jesus and i am a daughter of God so thanks to your obedience ❤ " ”

— R.B.