Equipping the body to live a pure, holy, and consecrated life.

FIK Inner Circle Mentorship

Are You Ready To Hear and See The Voice of God

Tier 1 Prophetic

I love teaching people to hear the voice of God. It is my favorite thing to show both believers and unbelievers that God is speaking to them but they don't recognize his voice. I desire for God's people to encounter Him and to be placed back in proper relationship with him. Then there is of course prayer and intercession which is a favorite love language I express to God. Intercession, praying in the spirit, and living a life of consecration has prepared me and caused tremendous spiritual growth into providing language to navigate spiritual warfare. Cultivating and equipping leaders that God can trust and his people to lead well in all spheres of influences. It has been a privilege to be trained by the Holy Spirit who enables to me to assist people to depend on him solely. I am passionate about what concerns the Lord and advocating for biblical principles to transform the culture, and serving his people. It doesn't matter what age you are or what gender you are but God can meet you where you at and invite you on a journey for spiritual transformation.

If you are ready for a community that will:

  • Hold You Accountable

  • Experience Growth In All Areas of Your Life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relational, and Financial

  • Training in The Prophetic and Supernatural

  • Training in Deliverance, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare

  • Gain Wisdom, Knowledge, Revelation, and Insight To Destroy The Works Of Darkness Against You and Your Loved Ones

  • Cultivating A Space To Operate In Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Recover and Heal As A Wounded Leader

  • Experience Transformation And Acceleration

  • Learn To Prophesy With Precision

  • Activate Your Prophetic Voice

  • Discern, See, and Hear The Voice of God

  • Understanding The Different Streams Of The Prophetic

  • Participate in Discussion Groups

  • Replays Availability

  • 10% Discount On All FIK Coaching Services and Products

  • Access To All FIK Events

Tier 2 Supernatural
Tier 3 Priesthood
  • Access To Tier 1 Materials plus

  • Enter Different Realms In The Supernatural

  • Maintain A Life Of Prayer & Intercession

  • Navigating Spiritual Warfare and Receive Heaven Strategies To Guard You And Your Family

  • Bible Studies Covering Array Of Topics

  • Dive Deep In Prophetic Types, Learning To Operate In Healing and Deliverance

  • Replay Availability

  • 15% Discount On All FIK Coaching Services and Products

  • Access To All FIK Events

  • Access to Tier 1 and 2 Material Plus

  • Become A Leader God Can Trust, Understand and Dominate Your Sphere Of Influence

  • Experience Spiritual Transformation Targeting All Areas Of Your Life For Character Development and Growth In: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, and Relational

  • Launched In Ministry, Receive Prophetic Prayers/Insight, Experience Healing/Deliverance, Group Coaching & Picking Prophet's Xen Brain

  • After (4) Consecutive Months In Tier Get A 2 Hour Deliverance, Inner Healing, and Wellness Session

  • Replay Availability

  • 20% Discount on All FIK Coaching Services and Products

  • Access To All FIK Events

"I bless God and I’m very excited for the teaching and because of your yes and your tribe has prepared me and made me feel normal to be myself as a prophet without judgment or competition the ministry that God has placed in your hands has blessed me, beyond words, I live in a extreme consecrated life also and that I’m always looked at odd for that and that I’m being too deep but this is my normal and what is required of me. Thank you for being you and who God has called you to be prophetess. It has freed me on so many levels!" - Ashley

Members Testimonials

”Prophet Xen I just want to say thank you. The Lord was speaking!!! I woke up feeling so much lighter. God is good. Thank you for taking me up to the courts and showing me how to get that demon off of me and for always mentoring me in a way in which I understand so clearly. I appreciate you and honor who you are. I know my life was a mess but you see beyond that with a pure heart and truly carry the Father’s Heart to love his people and meet them where they are at. It was your real and raw testimonies on your YouTube channel that drew me in. I am thankful for this mentorship and the times you have poured from an unselfish place and I know its because you love God and honor him with your whole life.” -Pereisha 

”My Name Is Vonda, and I would like to share my testimony with Faith Is The Key Inner Circle Mentorship. I have been in the mentorship since March 2023, the impact on my life has been transformational. I started with the "I AM In Jesus Devotional 5-Day Live Course. I have been on board since the revelatory insight teaching and growth which has been amazing. I understand whose I am and who I am. Thank you, Jesus. I also would love to share as a result of your obedience to the Lord Prophet Xen my entire family has been restored as a result of additional members of my family in the mentorship. I want to share if you are seeking to know who you are and what God has called you to do then I highly suggest you join the mentorship. As I had many struggles and felt misunderstood for a long time I thank God there is a space for understanding and becoming who God called me to be through FIK mentorship. Knowing who God called you to be is a necessity. The mentorship, stewarded by Prophet Xen, led by God, changed my life. I urge you to come and get equipped to be all God has called you to be. Blessings”

I have to say Thank you to one of my mentors prophet Xen Fedison I can't even begin to explain how your obedience to God, your saying yes to God, has impacted my life as I'm continually being equipped to do his work. I wholeheartedly believe in sowing into my spiritual leaders because that wisdom didn't come without labor and strife and my deliverance and healing was tied to your YES! Your mentorship has given me so much value and it's one of the resources God has given me for growth. I publicly say Thank You Woman of God. - Kimberly

”Being part of the Inner Circle Mentorship program, specifically in Tier 2 has not only challenged me to be aware of my identity in Christ but it has also increased my knowledge about the supernatural world. My intercessory prayers have improved, and I strongly believe being under this ministry paved a way for God to move in my spiritual life on another level.” - Eno