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Why choose me as your mentor?
a woman in a yellow dress with a black dress
a woman in a yellow dress with a black dress

I am an Equipper, Advocate, Supernatural Solutionist, and Student of the Holy Spirit.

Once I began my journey by enrolling in the School of the Holy Spirit, I became serious about being in the image of Jesus Christ in 2019. Although I have many roles under my belt, none compare to being a daughter of Abba Father. Yes, I am a daddy's girl! I'm talking about my Father in Heaven. It has been a privilege to be trained by the Holy Spirit; it allowed for trial and error, great mentors, leaders, godly counsels, failing forward, and life experiences that have allowed me to gain revelation, knowledge, wisdom, and insight on how to maintain my identity in Christ, operate in the supernatural, grow in intercessory prayers/warfare, walk in the prophetic to hear the voice of God for others, self, and discovering my God-given mandate. As believers, we are supernatural beings that serve a supernatural God.

At the end of 2022, the Lord had pushed me beyond capacity, charged me to equip believers from all walks, especially those called to lead in the supernatural to operate with spiritual knowledge and wisdom effectively, train believers in the prophetic to hear His voice, train the sight of seers, steward dreams, visions, and interpretation of them, train intercessors for battle and engage the courts of heaven. I am called to help believers to identify their purpose, skills, and activate operating in their spiritual gifts, and my favorite being able to evangelize and called to those the world deemed cast down and broken-hearted to minister deliverance and inner healing to obtain freedom in their lives. We cannot walk in our God-given mandate without having the scales removed from our eyes and ears that seemed deaf due to a lack of knowledge concerning the spiritual realm that governs our walk in Jesus. Deliverance is a part of our inheritance as believers. Deliverance Is The Children's Bread.

I am passionate about what concerns the Lord, fully surrendered, consecrated, walking in purity and holiness, advocating for biblical principles to transform the culture, and serving his people. I have served as a teacher in kids ministry, working with the youth and elders, and have the privilege to equip both men and women in the body of Jesus to walk out their mandate on the Earth. While the Holy Spirit is using me to teach, I am always honored he teaches me since I remain a student enrolled in his classes.

I will never move outside of the Holy Spirit because he provides Jesus to come in and minister through me, and produce the Heart of The Father's perfect will for your life. Like Moses said, "Lord If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here." I FEAR THE LORD AND HIS HOLINESS. I can only do what my Father tells me to do as Jesus walked and did the same thing while on Earth.

My heart is for the Father and his children to allow me to see through the lens of Abba, not self. Lastly, the Holy Spirit taught me as a minister to share none of my opinions and to remain unbiased regardless of the circumstances, which has helped me as a I practiced in the Courts on Earth as Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney but now from the Courts of Heaven. It's all about the Father's Heart for your life.

This Mentorship Is For You IF?

Impartation of Supernatural Knowledge and Wisdom To Operate In The Supernatural

Understanding Your Identity As Sons and Daughters In Christ

Partner With Angels To Bring Heaven's Perfect Will For Yours and Others Life

Activate Your Spiritual Gifts which are the ministry of the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Warfare and Intercessory Training

Learn To Minister Out of The Holy Fear Of The Lord

Prophetic Activations and Walk In The Prophetic

Learn To Recognize God's Voice For Yourself and Others

Identify Your Place and Position Within The Body of Christ

Engage the Government of God that has a Courtroom of Heaven

Become Glory Carriers For The Lord

Increase in Discernment

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From Spiritual Warfare Trainings, Intercessory Prayers To Enter The Courts of Heaven For Breakthrough, Partnering With Angels, Deliverance and Inner Healing, Recognize/Hear The Voice of God, and Prophetic Impartations is what God is producing through his people in Faith Is The Key Inner Circle Online Mentorship. Get mentored in the comfort of your home and connect with like minded community to exercise what God has placed on the inside of you.

Here's what FIK Inner Circle Members say

"I bless God and I’m very excited for the teaching and because of your yes and your tribe has prepared me and made me feel normal to be myself as a prophet without judgment or competition the ministry that God has placed in your hands has blessed me, beyond words, I live in a extreme consecrated life also and that I’m always looked at odd for that and that I’m being too deep but this is my normal and what is required of me. Thank you for being you and who God has called you to be prophetess. It has freed me on so many levels!"

- A.H.

”My Name Is Vonda, and I would like to share my testimony with Faith Is The Key Inner Circle Mentorship. I have been in the mentorship since March 2023, the impact on my life has been transformational. I started with the "I AM In Jesus Devotional 5-Day Live Course. I have been on board since the revelatory insight teaching and growth which has been amazing. I understand whose I am and who I am. Thank you, Jesus. I also would love to share as a result of your obedience to the Lord Prophet Xen my entire family has been restored as a result of additional members of my family in the mentorship. I want to share if you are seeking to know who you are and what God has called you to do then I highly suggest you join the mentorship. As I had many struggles and felt misunderstood for a long time I thank God there is a space for understanding and becoming who God called me to be through FIK mentorship. Knowing who God called you to be is a necessity. The mentorship, stewarded by Prophet Xen, led by God, changed my life. I urge you to come and get equipped to be all God has called you to be. Blessings”

- V.S.

"Being part of the Inner Circle Mentorship program, specifically in Tier 2 has not only challenged me to be aware of my identity in Christ but it has also increased my knowledge about the supernatural world. My intercessory prayers have improved, and I strongly believe being under this ministry paved a way for God to move in my spiritual life on another level."


"Prophet Xen I just want to say thank you. The Lord was speaking!!! I woke up feeling so much lighter. God is good. Thank you for taking me up to the courts and showing me how to get that demon off of me and for always mentoring me in a way in which I understand so clearly. I appreciate you and honor who you are. I know my life was a mess but you see beyond that with a pure heart and truly carry the Father’s Heart to love his people and meet them where they are at. It was your real and raw testimonies on your YouTube channel that drew me in. I am thankful for this mentorship and the times you have poured from an unselfish place and I know its because you love God and honor him with your whole life."

- P.F.

”We would love for you to take our this video testimonial from Maya, who shares how being apart of FIK Inner Circle Tier 2 has impacted and transformed her life.”

- Testimony By Maya Francis