Taking You From Stagnation To Purpose Fulfilled

Prophetic Coaching

Are You Ready To Align With Heaven's Will For Your Life?

three people sitting in front of table laughing together
three people sitting in front of table laughing together

1:1 Prophetic Equipping & Counseling Session
Prophetic counsel/advisement is conveying the heart, mind, and intent of the God the Father for your life. I have realized that most people come to me for all things concerning the Lord, spiritual, supernatural, prophetic, and then learn the strategies to be effective in their calling and mandate through skills I have obtained through the natural through life experiences and in my career. In my career as an attorney, we are called to become counselors for the people regarding their situation.

If you are seeking:

  • clarity of the full vision God has giving you

  • understanding your mandate/purpose

  • becoming unstuck

  • receiving insight, strategy, and solution for your ministry or business

then consider partnering with me to guide you through the process to fulfill what God has said about you in your book that is in Heaven.

Partner with me as the Holy Spirit provides wisdom, strategies, and a plan that will allow you to go from being stuck to discovery destiny and purpose for your life.

I worked with Xenophobe during a particular challenging and turbulent time of transition. The power and insight she brought to her session was one of the most potent encounters with the prophetic that I have had in my life. Not only was she incredibly accurate but she also invited me into the journey of seeking the Lord and His will for my life. It felt like the perfect combination of the Holy Spirit using her as a guide as well as her helping me to open myself up to His voice. The words and guidance she shared resonated with other prophetic words, have been confirmed by the Holy Spirit, and is now serving as an important compass for my wife and I to move forward into the next season. I highly recommend her as a prophetic coach and guide for anyone looking to get to the next level in their life and their relationship with God. - Phil

Client Testimonials

My prophetic equipping and counseling session was beyond my expectations. I had no idea that God was going to meet us on the Zoom call revealing so much to me about myself that I somewhat knew but was hiding from. Xen was so welcoming and loving in our meeting and she made me feel so comfortable, like an old friend dropping gems into my spirit. In this prophetic equipping and counseling Prophet Xen confirmed information to me that I already knew about myself and then partnered with me to create a plan to get me to where I want/need to be. Prophetic equipping. She uses her gifts and tools to properly equip you to flourish on your own once the meeting is over. Prophetic Counseling. Prophet Xen literally held my hand and walked with me in the spirit making sure I understood the assignment. What more could I ask for? When the meeting was over I was uplifted feeling inspired and motivated about my walk with Christ. God was truly working through her and she ceased to amaze me each time she brought something up about my life that she couldn't possibly know. I was so so honored to finally get to have a one on one session with such a beautiful soul who is such an inspiration to the community and is just so grateful for her obedience to the Lord, and because of her obedience it makes other want to obey and follow through with the plans of the Father. Thank you so much Prophet Xen. -Miss J. 

All I can say is God sees me! He is my El Roi! I prayed and cried out to God with the most specific prayer I ever prayed and asked Him to send me the destiny helper and prophetic vessel to help me understand the gifts/calling on my life and push me to the next. I refused to go into 2024 uncertain and unsure. Well, a few days later he led me to IG and the first post I saw was Prophet Xen! I was led by the Holy Spirit to quickly sign up and book my first Prophetic Equipping/Counseling/Coaching Session. My GOD!! My GOD! This was the anticipated wind of God that I needed to push me in the direction of destiny and purpose. Speaking with Prophet Xen was like talking to my big sister in Christ! Who has been speaking and agreeing with God on my behalf for years lol. God used her mightily to speak into my life about purpose, wisdom, understanding and my prophetic gifts and call. Confirmation, new prophetic instructions, and a spiritual awakening was the flow! I have had my session on repeat all day! Thank you Prophet Xen! This is truly the season of new open doors, new strategic relationships and Kingdom alignment, all for the glory of God! God bless you! - Nicole

“ I want to express how grateful I am for my Equipping/Counseling session today with Xen! It was so needed and I got soooooooooo much clarity! Alot if it I didn't even write down in the pre-session survey but she hit all of it. The Holy Spirit was definitely leading that whole conversation!! I'm so grateful for her being the vessel that she is, her kindness, love, compassion, and just being so genuine. I feel like I have that fire back 🔥 and I've been craving it for months now. Thank you Prophet!! ” - Kimberly Clark

woman carrying white and green textbook
woman carrying white and green textbook
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man writing on white paper